Best Most Focused Care

Give yourself and your baby the best, most focused care available for risk-related pregnancies.

Your life is a series of milestones. Your first steps. Your first day at school. That first kiss. High-school graduation. Your wedding day. And on from there.

But of all life's major events, few are as important and memorable as having a baby. Yet, because pregnancy comes with risk, it can also be a time of worry or concern. Especially for women who are 35 or older, who have a personal or family history of birth defects or complications or who have other potential risks related to pregnancy.

At Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine, we help women through their high-risk pregnancies and through their concerns. We're one of only a handful of practices in Mississippi specially trained to diagnose and care for all pregnancy complications, including fetal abnormalities. And because we combine leading-edge care with true compassion, we've earned a reputation for excellence from doctors and patients alike.

Of course, we strive for excellence in everything we do, from the most complete, highly specialized diagnostics and procedures to our informed consultations and genuine caring. Our goal is to give the best care possible to both of our most important patients you and your baby.