What Makes a Pregnancy High Risk?
By Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine
July 21, 2016
Category: Health
Tags: pregnancy  

If you are pregnant, it’s a good idea to think about if you might have a high risk pregnancy. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, and have a history of a high risk pregnancy, it’s equally important to seek out help from your Maternal-Fetal medical specialist ahead of time.Pregnant Woman Dr. Robert Naef III at Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS wants to help you understand all the factors involved in a high risk pregnancy.
Your age at pregnancy is a major factor for a high risk pregnancy. If you are 35 years or older, you are at high risk for pregnancy complications. If you smoke or drink alcohol, these lifestyle issues can also compromise your health and your pregnancy. Some of the other conditions which can cause your pregnancy to become high risk include:

  • Genetic abnormalities and conditions
  • A history of prior Caesarian-section surgery
  • Premature birth or miscarriage
  • Giving birth to babies with low birth weight or multiple pregnancies
  • Medical conditions or diseases including high blood pressure, epilepsy, anemia and diabetes

Dr. Naef offers all the latest technology to assess if your pregnancy might be high risk.  Your regular OBGYN doctor will check for any fetal abnormalities and determine whether you are high risk and can refer you to Dr. Naef to determine early, effective treatment.
Another diagnostic test which can provide crucial information about your baby is amniocentesis, a process of taking a fluid sample from your uterus. Amniocentesis is recommended after your fifteenth week of pregnancy and can indicate serious genetic issues.  There are also other tests available that can determine genetic issues.
Dr. Naef provides complete information about diagnostic techniques on the services page of his website at http://www.mississippimfm.com.
If you have a high risk pregnancy, don’t worry. Dr. Naef works alongside your doctor to keep you and your baby healthy, help alleviate your fears and provide the best care available before, during and after your pregnancy.
Don’t let fears of having a high risk pregnancy keep you from enjoying one of the most important life events you will ever experience. If you are pregnant and are considered high risk, you owe it to yourself to call or ask your OBGYN to call for a referral to Dr. Naef at Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS. Don’t wait to protect yourself and your baby. Call today!