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January 30, 2017
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When you are pregnant, it’s important that you find a doctor in which you can truly trust for the very best care.

The moment you find out you’re pregnant there is so much to think about. Of course, making sure you are getting the proper medical maternal fetal medicine specialistcare is paramount for both you and your unborn child. It can feel daunting to know where to turn but our Jackson, MS maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Robert Naef, III prides himself on providing the ultimate care for both mother and baby so that you can enjoy this wonderful moment in your life.

For women who find out that they are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, it can feel rather surprising. After all, this is supposed to be an exciting time. You shouldn’t have to spend your whole pregnancy worrying. That’s why our Jackson, MS maternal-fetal medicine doctor is here to help. We specialize in working with high-risk pregnancies to make sure that you and your baby get the care you both need to stay healthy.

What makes a pregnancy high-risk?

There are many factors that can affect a pregnancy including:

  • Preexisting health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Being obese or overweight (this can increase your chances for high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, etc.)
  • Multiple births
  • Maternal age (women who are in their teens, as well as women 35 or over are at an increased risk for high blood pressure and preeclampsia)

If any of these factors pertain to you or if your OBGYN has determined that your pregnancy is high risk they can refer you to Dr. Naef so that we can start monitoring and providing the best possible care that you need to have a healthy, happy pregnancy and to carry your child to term.

If you have questions about the services we provide or you need to schedule your first appointment call Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS at (601) 360-5651. We are here for you!

It’s essential that women who have high-risk pregnancies keep regular appointments with their maternal-fetal medicine specialist to high-risk pregnancyensure a healthy delivery. A maternal-fetal medicine specialist is the best choice for a number of reasons. Learn more about why it’s a good idea to call Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Naef, III if you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

About High-Risk Pregnancies
A high-risk pregnancy is one that can put either the mother or unborn baby at risk of a health issue or complication. There are a few reasons why your OBGYN might have categorized your pregnancy as high-risk. Risk factors include:

- Pre-existing health problem in the mother, such as diabetes, cancer or epilepsy.
- A gynecological issue that can cause complications or an STD.
- History of multiple miscarriages.
- Women of a certain age (under 17 or over 35) may have riskier pregnancies.
- A multiple-child pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc).
- A baby that’s been diagnosed with a genetic disorder.
- Abuse of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

The Role of Your Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist
Dr. Naef, a MFM specialist located in the Jackson area, will monitor your case closely during the course of the pregnancy and give recommendations. You’ll likely be required to take more tests than usual, including ultrasounds, echocardiograms and blood pressure checks. Dr. Naef will also provide specialized pre-natal care to ensure that the baby gets all of the nutrients needed for good health and development. The doctor is highly trained to recognize, diagnose and resolve problems that may arise during a high-risk pregnancy.

A Couple of Other Things You Should Know...
Seeing your maternal-fetal medicine specialist regularly is an important part of ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Understand that you will likely have to visit the doctor’s office more often than usual and be very diligent about following doctor’s orders.

Meet with a Specialist ASAP
If you’re concerned about a high-risk pregnancy, ask your OBGYN to call for a referral to see Dr. Naef at Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS. It’s important to begin your visits as early in the pregnancy as possible, so call (601) 360-5651 today.