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May 07, 2020
Category: Women's health
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At Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Dr. Robert Naef III and his team provide the finest compassionate obstetric care for high-risk pregnancies in the Jackson, MS, area. They serve both mother and baby, working toward positive pregnancy outcomes, even in high-risk situations.

Those important 40 weeks

That's the amount of time you and your baby will be living closely together. However, you are separate people, with different health needs. As such, the better your prenatal care you receive, the better the birth experience will be for both you and your new little one.

The American Academy of Family Physicians asks that you call your obstetrician as soon as you suspect you may be pregnant. The sooner you begin your prenatal care, the better your outcome is likely to be.

Additionally, your maternal-fetal medicine team in Jackson, MS, works along your delivering OB providing the patient their necessary high-risk care. Will you need surgical intervention? Are you giving birth to one or two babies? What is the position of your placenta? As the weeks progress, Dr. Naef will monitor your progress carefully.

High-risk services you may receive

1. Management of any existing maternal health conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes

2. Review of your health history, particularly your OB/GYN history

3. Update on vaccinations

4. Monitoring of maternal weight and vital signs

You're in good hands...

And, so is your baby. At Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Dr. Robert Naef III and his compassionate team help women with high-risk pregnancies have the healthiest possible birth experiences. Call us for an appointment in the Jackson, MS, area: (601) 360-5651.

October 17, 2019
Category: Women's health
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Here at Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS, Dr. Robert Naef and his team field many questions about obstetric care. They Obstetricianwant their patients fully informed about this important aspect of their pregnancies, so we've assembled some of the most common questions on the topic and listed them below. Read on to learn the answers!


Why is regular pre-natal care so vital to both the mother and baby? Scheduled visits to Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine help you and your doctor see and act upon any health problems involving you, your baby, or both of you. Dr. Naef will outline a care plan specific to you and your medical conditions, age, and upcoming labor/delivery. Dr. Naef takes special interest in positive outcomes for both you and your baby, and is an expert in high-risk pregnancies.

I have Type-2 diabetes. What are my risks during pregnancy, labor, and delivery? During pregnancy, one of the biggest risks is low blood sugar (i.e. hypoglycemia). So, be sure to eat regularly, watch how strenuously you exercise, and let family, friends, and co-workers know how you act and look when your blood sugar drops. Additionally, your doctor and his support staff will monitor your blood glucose levels closely while you are in labor and when giving birth. They will adjust your insulin intake accordingly.

I am 39 years old. Will I have pregnancy complications? Many women over the age of 35 have very healthy pregnancies and newborns. However, as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reports, the risk of birth defects and maternal health problems, such as pre-eclampsia, increase with maternal age. Accordingly, your Jackson obstetrician will monitor you and your baby closely throughout the pregnancy.

What is post-partum depression? It's a very real mental health problem some moms experience after giving birth. Feelings of helplessness, sadness, and anxiety are all common symptoms, and if you persistently have feelings such as these after giving birth, call Dr. Naef for help. "Baby blues" are a serious concern, but we can help you persevere through them!


Learn more

Surely you have numerous questions about your pregnancy, your care, your baby, and more. Be sure to ask them when you come to Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS, for your scheduled check-up. After all, the more informed you are, the healthier you and your baby will be! Call for your obstetric care appointment today at (601) 360-5651.

August 27, 2019
Category: Women's health
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Find out how our maternal-fetal medicine specialist in Jackson, MS, can help you.

Finding out you’re pregnant can be an exciting time, but what happens if you find out that you have a high-risk pregnancy? There are many Pregnancy-Ultrasound(factors contributing factors, like pre-existing conditions, older age, and multiple births. Luckily, our very own Dr. Robert Naef, III provides comprehensive care to women with high-risk pregnancies to ensure a healthy and safe delivery.

What can cause a high-risk pregnancy?

There are several factors involved in determining whether a pregnancy is a high risk. Some of these factors include,

  • Pre-existing health problems such as diabetes or hypertension

  • Carrying more than one baby

  • Being overweight or obese

  • Being in your teens or being 35 years old or over

  • Habits such as smoking, drinking or using recreational drugs

A high-risk pregnancy simply means that there is an increased chance of problems for the mother or the baby during pregnancy or labor. There are also certain infections or health concerns that can arise during pregnancy that make it high risk. It’s important to understand that while the term high-risk is stressful, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a problem will occur. However, by visiting our Jackson, MS, maternal-fetal medicine doctor for regular checkups, we can help prevent issues or at least detect them early on.

How often should I come in for obstetrical care?

Our maternal-fetal medicine team will want to keep a close eye on you during your pregnancy to make sure that if a problem does surface that it’s caught right away. Depending on your health and the issues behind your high-risk pregnancy, your Jackson maternal-fetal medicine doctor determines how often you should come in for checkups.

What services does the Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine offer?

We offer a full range of obstetrics and specialized treatments and testing to monitor the health of both you and your baby. We handle a variety of high-risk pregnancy cases such as,

  • Birth defects

  • Multiple Births

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes (both gestational and pre-existing)

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Fetal growth abnormalities

  • Pre-term labor

  • Amniotic fluid disorder

We also offer a range of diagnostic testing such as,

  • High-resolution ultrasounds

  • Echocardiography

  • 1stand 2nd trimester screenings

  • Amniocentesis

  • 3D/4D sonography

  • Genetic counseling

Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MS, is here to provide expectant mothers with the individualized care they require for high-risk pregnancies and special cases. Contact our office today to find out more about the obstetrical care we offer. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Naef, III, call (601) 360-5651.