MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine)

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist in Jackson, MS

MFM- Maternal Fetal Medicine in Jackson, MSMaternal-fetal medicine, abbreviated to MFM, is the specialized branch of obstetrics that treats conditions that affect expectant mothers and their growing fetuses. Also referred to as perinatology, this classification of obstetrics is most often used to monitor and administer treatment to women whose pregnancies that are considered high-risk. The ultimate goal of maternal-fetal medicine is to identify and treat any conditions that may present a risk to the mother and/or the fetus, both during and immediately following the pregnancy.

Certain diseases and conditions, like high blood pressure, preeclampsia, or gestational diabetes, can develop during pregnancy. These must be carefully monitored and cared for by specialists to avoid any harm to the fetus. Pre-existing medical problems, such as HIV/AIDS, cardiac issues or cystic fibrosis, also require MFM intervention. Multiple gestations (twins, triplets or more) usually also requires MFM to make sure all fetuses are growing properly and the mother's body is adequately meeting the demands that multiple gestations typically involves.

A fetus that is growing too quickly (macrosomia) or too slowly (fetal growth restriction) will need MFM to keep a close watch on growth and development. If prenatal genetic testing determines there is a chromosomal or physical abnormality, MFM physicians work alongside genetic counselors to diagnose the issue, monitor the development of the fetus and carefully treat problems that require invasive therapy (blood transfusions, amniocentesis, etc).

The healthcare providers Mississippi Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Jackson are well-equipped to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that affect both pregnant women and their fetuses.

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