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Obstetrics in Jackson, MS

Obstetrics in Jackson, MSObstetrics is the branch of medicine and surgery that focuses on childbirth, as well as providing prenatal care, pregnancy support, and post-partum care.  A specialist in obstetrics is called an obstetrician who can further specialize in perinatology (maternal-fetal medicine), which focuses on high-risk pregnancies, testing, and fetal development.  Additionally, an obstetrician can specialize in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, which is the care of women who have hormonal or fertility problems. 

In obstetrics, an obstetrician will have two patients simultaneously—the mother and the baby (three patients if twins are involved). An expectant mother’s health—throughout her pregnancy—is closely monitored.  An obstetrician will also monitor the growth and development of the baby using ultrasonography.  Ultrasound visuals of the fetus in the womb are performed to help obstetricians diagnose prenatal complications for which they can consult a neonatalist, or newborn specialist to ensure the health of the baby. Patients will be monitored as labor progresses and perform any necessary surgical procedures during delivery, such as episiotomies for vaginal births or cesarean sections. 

From pregnancy to childbirth, obstetrics focuses on proper prenatal care and pregnancy support to ensure the health of the mother and child.  Visit your obstetrician today to get the most out of your pregnancy. 

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